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Anmedan Chapter 5: Long Struggle to the Long-Lost Realm

I was staring at the Archangel Michael image on the postcard.

I was staring at the Archangel Michael image on the postcard. "Will there be some hidden words on the postcard?" I murmured.

Imagination arose. Put the postcard on top of the flame of a white candle.

I acted on it spontaneously.

I lit a white candle and put the postcard just a few centimeters above the candle flame. I slightly moved the postcard. Hoping for some words to emerge. I stared hard at the post card.

No words appeared.


Instead, I heard some words...

“Write a novel… C’mon Anmedan, write a novel.”

“WWWho’s there?”

“I’m you… I’m Anmedan…”

Am I crazy? Crazy like the three-quarters of the teachers who were shocked out of their mind?

“C’mon Anmedan, write a novel.”

Tears uncontrollably streamed down Anmedan’s face to her chin… “Sorry, Anmedan… I should have written it long ago…”

“It’s alright, Anmedan. Write a novel now.”

“But… but… I can’t write…”

“C’mon Anmedan, write a novel now.”

“I can’t write…”

“C’mon Anmedan, write a novel now.”

“I… I…”

“C’mon Anmedan, write a novel now.”

“But my English sucks…”

"Love me before judging me."

A long pause… the last sentence from the other Anmedan was still ringing in my ears.

I stuttered, “I… I… I will write a novel… now…”

I finally spoke out loud and clear with confidence, “Yes, I will write my first novel now!”


I began typing out the first word for my first novel. Then, word by word appeared and flowed out naturally with the rhythm of my dancing fingers tapping on the keys on the keyboard. My tears were rolling down naturally too. I did not know how many hours had passed. I did not know how many tears had shed.

Surprisingly, my energy level was not dropping at all. My skin felt like it was burning hot. I wrote from daylight to nightfall to daylight. Only taking short naps in-between a couple of hours.


Days passed swiftly as I continuously wrote my novel.

After 355 days of focusing on just writing my first novel as my job and nothing else, I finally completed it!

Strange things occurred after I completed my first novel…

< End of #Chapter5 of #Anmedan >

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