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Anmedan & The Messenger:
The Little Girl Who Was Told Not to Forget Who She Was & Her Dream

A Spiritual Fiction in Real Time

Set in a present world and time where we are all in right now, an incident had caused Anmedan to "turn on" her innate gift - psychic ability. Crazy, she must be... until she realized she is not crazy after all. Her name was one of the many hints that she would one day... being assigned a new role and a new mission from above.

This story is a work of fiction. In this work of fiction, the characters, people, organisations, entities, schools, buildings, places, locations, events, incidents, including names and titles, not limited to the categories mentioned here, are the products of the author's imagination or/and they are used entirely fictitiously.

This story is written by Anm Pek (the Author). Copyright @ Anm Pek.

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