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Meet & Level Up with Anm

Trust your intuition and your dream will manifest into reality.

Level Up with Anm

Spiritual educator, explorer, healer, author

and co-creator of inner child with the Universe.

(Andromedan Starseed)

Hi, I am Anm Pek (Level up with Anm),

I would never have imagined my dream of becoming an author would ever come true, if I had not stopped my busyness of working for others, and finally listened deeply to my inner child's deepest desire and dream. She had been calling me to write a book, specifically, a novel for over thirty years, yet I ignored her and doubted my capability. I put it aside, hid it and had forgotten about it for many years.


After I heeded the call and completed my first novel, my life changed, I felt a surge of peace, hope and love. I got to know who I am with much clarity. I see signs and synchronicities, my intuition heightened and I was told that I am a messenger in my dream. (Somehow all along, I knew I had a bigger mission to accomplish on this Earth!)

Level Up with Anm who is given an Angel Wings

I teach what I create to heal and make dreams into reality.

Level Up with Anm

Level Up with Anm and Andromeda Galaxy

Two big existential questions were finally answered - Who am I? Why do I exist?

I am sending messages to you through my co-creations of my inner child with the Universe such as my novels, short movies and courses etc. I hope my next upcoming co-creation can inspire you, encourage you to change your life and bring back the joy, fun and adventurous spirit of your inner child.

I heal people through my teachings and co-creations which I put in my heart to create.

In early 2023, I found the answer to the third existential question - Where am I heading?

My soul mission is to fulfill my and many other inner child's dreams, level up people's lives, and recover lost souls, lost dreams, lost talents, lost hope and lost joy through my co-creations. Specifically, I teach and nurture sensitive, unique and talented children and inner child of adults towards dream fulfilment and happiness.

Thank you and hope to connect with you (and your inner child) soon.

Above: The Andromeda Galaxy appeared as Anm just pointed her phone camera to the stars without even searching for it. Taken at Pasir Ris Park, Singapore using Star Walk 2 app.

In 2015, Anm had creatively gamified metaphysics and created her own character gamification framework to find a person's talent, life purpose and ideal career path. She published two academic papers on character gamification in the following international conferences proceedings: International Conference on Computer Science and Education, IEEE ICCSE 2021 and Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education, GCCCE 2020. Her papers topics include students' talents identification and online team formation using character-based gamification.

Anm is an author of The Secret Code: Is It For Real?: Unleash The Power Within! Boost Up Your Levels To Get Ahead In The Game of Life! She is the co-author of Success Today with Brian Tracy and other leading entrepreneurs and professionals which got into Amazon best sellers' lists. 


Anm's mantra is "I teach what I create to heal and make dreams into reality." 

Anm's life purpose is to level up people's lives.

Anm taught in Higher Education and Adult Continuing Education in Singapore for 18 years. She left academic education in 2021 and pursue her spiritual writing and education.

Check Anm's Linkedin for more details.

Level Up with Anm at Marina Bay Sands

Above: Anm speaking to 1500+ audiences on her first book at Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands in 2015.

You can support and contribute to Anm's work by donating any amount. Thank you and 10 times of abundance to you.

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