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What our inner children are saying


Aaron d'Almeida


Agnes Khew

Joyous Life Coach

Allow me to share and promote my friend, Anm Pek, who (personally I feel) possesses incredible gifts and talents. She has the ability to help individuals discover and tap into their true potential, talents, career paths, life purpose, childhood dreams, and even spiritual truths. Through her services, she will guide and support anyone who consults her, assisting them in developing practical strategies to move forward in their careers, life missions, and inner child aspirations using the game of life philosophy.

Personally, I have consulted Anm's services and it is through her guidance that I have learned to embrace my authentic self, allowing me to step into my own power and fully cultivate the talents that were lying dormant within me.

I am grateful not only for the profound impact this consultation has had on my life but also for the friendship and support that my friend has offered throughout this process. She has been a constant pillar of encouragement, always believing in my potential and pushing me to explore boundaries and challenge myself.

To all my friends and loved ones, I encourage you to seek out those who can truly see your hidden potential and guide you towards self-realization. When you find someone who can unlock the depths of your soul and help you tap into your true talents, embrace them with gratitude and always be open to the incredible possibilities that await you. I believe you too, after her unique inner child profiling consultation, will gain some insights and the self-belief necessary to make a tangible difference in the world, drawing upon your unique talents and capabilities.

Kang Yong

IT Field

This is my first time doing oracle card reading. I am fortunate to meet Anm to do my profiling. Her knowledge and patience in explanining the meaning behind my readings were very accurate in reflecting my current and future career goals.


Feeling really inspired now, it is a strong affirmation on what actions that i need to take towards my career path, highly recommended to anyone who wants to do the same!

Rachel Chen

Digital Creator






#天赋解读师 #LevelUpWithAnm 


Image Transformation Consultant

It is my 1st time to do oracle card reading. Discovering my inner child through oracle card reading was a profound experience. It provided the clarity I needed to choose a job that truly resonates with me.


I highly recommend it to anyone seeking self-discovery.

Rendy Tan Ravi

Founder Synite Training

Anm Pek, who is this lady? I have been exploring personal development for all my life and started my own corporate training company doing that. I have not come across someone so amazing in Oracle card reading and profiling as Anm.


She works with the inner-child which a lot of us have lost touch with in this fast-moving society. She shares intuitively and does not hold back. At times you get goosebumps when the alignment happens.


Her oracle readings and inner-child profiling point me in the direction I need to focus on and it aligns with the emerging future I am working on. Her gamification approach is very fresh and spot on! I highly recommend her if you are looking for clarity in life.



Anm created a unique way of inner child profiling. I was very intrigued and even impressed by her depth of spiritual knowledge.


Thank you, Anm for helping me to gain more clarity on my personal goals. I believe that I was destined to meet her during this special period so that I could learn and be inspired by her. 

Choo Ee Ting


Thank you Anm for your reading and advice!
Before I met Anm, I was troubled by some issues and have been thinking how I should address them. 

Anm helped me to do a reading, and gave me clear directions how to approach the issue. She was patient to explain every card in a way it resonated with me. Immediately I felt a relieve off the heavy burden of thinking! With a clear direction, a problem is no more a problem. It is just actions to execute. 

Appreciate Anm for her guidance. 🙏🏼

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