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Our Inner Child

holds our truths and awaiting for us to uncover and live our deepest dreams

Our inner child is also known as our true self, our authentic self and our soul. Being our inner child is the most honest aspect of who you are. We are the most open, imaginative, creative, curious and carefree. The best part is, we are the most connected and in alignment with the Universe


Reconnect to our inner child.

Reclaim our inner child's gifts: our beauty and powers - our innate talents!


Our Inner Child Game Hub

A Magical & Spiritual Group of Talents

Our inner child loves to play, enjoy creating and express our imagination and creativity through singing, dancing, writing, drawing, painting or other art forms, and even creating "crazy" ideas into reality. That are what we are encouraging and nurturing - express who we truly are through our imagination, creativity and creations.


At Our Inner Child Game Hub, we reconnect our inner child, reclaim our inner child's beauty and powers and live our inner child's dreams. We awaken and nurture individuals with their spiritual gifts and innate talents who have special assigned mission on Earth. 


Here, it is about playing a very different game, yet, you might find it quite familiar as you might have played similar ones during childhood times. Through playing an immersive real life game, we experience and learn our life lessons in a fun, lighthearted and exciting way. We are going to play Our Inner Child Game: The Game of Life! Are you ready? In fact, you are already in the game of life...

Before playing The Game of Life, you got to choose your inner child character - that is YOU. So, what is your inner child character archetypes? You will realise that you learn more about yourself through your character, and, even more when you are playing your character - that is YOU. Find out your inner child character archetypes now through our Inner Child Profiling:

Colorful Lights

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Ten Inner Child Personality (Class) Characters

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Dancer

Dancer 舞者

Versatile Synergist

Dancer is highly versatile with eagerness to succeed and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve goals. Dancer is trained to take the least time and effort to fight for what he or she wants. Dancer knows the philosophy of being flexible and is implanted into him or her since young in training from the Master. Flexibility makes the Dancer remain standing strong while everyone else has fallen. Imagine vines or flowers, creeping on support and bend to find a way to reach sunlight to stay alive. He or she thinks swiftly and is able to cut through problems at various different angles to solve them. Dancer is clever with words, good at socialising and mingling well into the crowd. Dancer is gentle, well-mannered and charming in demeanour, calm in appearance and temperament. Dancer dresses elegantly, moves and takes action gracefully but swiftly like Jazz dancing which is fast paced yet its movements are still soft.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Explorer

Explorer 探寻者

Resilient Seeker

Explorer is someone who explores a new or unfamiliar area with determination. Explorer has become enlightened in the ways of the Universe by exploring, seeking, understanding and accepting its natural wonder. Explorer trains in nature, and obviously loves nature as well. Explorer is curious by nature and constantly reaches out to explore and seek the truth, learn and upgrade himself or herself to be a better person or improve his or her lifestyle. Explorer is forthright and direct in their speech. Explorer performs great in acrobatics and athletics. Explorer spends his or her life protecting home and guiding people. Explorer is resilient and highly endurance, like a tree which has a tough exterior. However, Explorer has a soft heart within. Explorer is kind and loyal to people whom he or she is with, like a tree with a canopy of leaves to give shade and protection from the scorching hot sun.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Healer

Healer 治愈师

Caring Nurturer

Healer has the calling to protect and take care of others, usually, to the extent that he or she will go all his or her way out to make sure others are feeling content and satisfied. Healer loves to serve others, thus, many turns to Healer for help. Healer nurtures others like the soil nurtures the plants. He or she cares to root and grow others. Healer is well-connected, thus, making him or her very resourceful and has the capability to produce much like fertile soil with seeds growing into plants. Healer is considered the most lenient and tolerant among the character classes. Healer can easily adapt to the situation comfortably. Healer is generally intelligent and has a good memory. Healer enjoys things that can stimulate the mind, such as art, music, ideas and theories. Healer also likes to collect beautiful art and crafts.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Manifestor

Manifestor 显化师

Intelligent Wizard

Manifestor, like a wizard, has a magical power of manifestation to change and create what he or she wants. Manifestor is highly intelligent because he or she is always keen on learning new things and attracted to new knowledge. Manifestor by nature is a meticulous thinker who loves to ponder over an intellectual problem at different possible perspectives. Manifestor may look quiet, refined and calm on first impression, and, as attractive and gracious as a gently flickering candle. When one gets to know Manifestor more, one will realize that Manifestor laughs heartily, loves to joke and can become the life of the party. Manifestor's emotion and mood is volatile from calm, raging mad to easily upset. A brighter side of Manifestor is he or she is considerate, polite, affectionate and filial to their parents. Manifestor is willing to self-sacrifice for his or her loved ones. Manifestor, by nature, has the power to illuminate the path for those who are lost in the dark like a gentle lit candle, bringing tender loving light in the darkness of life.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Mentor

Mentor 导师

Dedicated Protector

When a Mentor stands before you, you will feel his or her charismatic lawful good aura and a strong light illuminating within, giving warmth and shining towards you like the rays of morning sun. Mentor is a trusted and experienced adviser. Mentors have strict codes of conduct and devotion to the good. Mentor is enthusiastic and passionate about taking care of his or her people. Mentor contributes generously of his or her whole life volunteering to protect others. Mentor is straightforward, direct and magnanimous. Mentor is routine driven, sticking by the rules, always walks the familiar path like a sun, rising on the East and setting on the West every single day. Mentor is also considered the most determined and persevering character class like you can count on the sun to rise and set every day without fail. Besides that, Mentor is an optimist and looks for the best in everything and everyone, like the sun always illuminates the world with its blazing bright light and hope.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Messenger

Messenger 信使

Eloquent Delegator

Words are the innate gift of the Messenger to express themselves and share knowledge. Messenger speaks eloquently, thinks wittily, moves with agility and looks attractive and refined like fine delicate, sparkling jewellery, shiny silver and glittering gold. Self-image is vital to Messenger. Messenger loves living a glamorous lifestyle filled with the finest food, good wine and beautiful arts. Messenger feels himself or herself deserve the best in life, thus striving for superior quality life. Generally, Messenger likes to choose friends of the same life status or more superior than he or she is. Unlike Warrior, Messenger moves toward pleasure in life and moves away from pain and hardship. Messenger is able to easily attract people's attention and loves to be in the center of the spotlight. Messenger often appears hard and unrelenting on the outside; soft  and  amiable  on  the  inside.  If one gets to know Messenger better, one will realise that Messenger is sentimental, selfless, thoughtful and values relationships.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Psychic

Psychic 心灵师

Idealistic Divergence

Psychic is a natural-born intuitive thinker who loves to be mentally stimulated and has the ability to have direct perception and quick insight on anything he or she wants to focus on. Psychic has an "inner voice" that tells himself or herself something in an instant - a split seconds awareness, thus, knowing something directly without thinking. He or she is also wise, idealistic, highly imaginative and creative. Psychic is able to come up with original ideas. Psychic, like the clouds in the sky, is quite elusive and mysterious. He or she tends to be unpredictable in his or her emotions, responses and actions that sometimes keep others on their toes when dealing with a Psychic. Psychic usually takes the road less travelled, as he or she likes to be different. Psychic will spend more time on something that is of his or her interest, however, he or she gets bored easily and tends to move on to something new.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Shapeshifter

Shapeshifter 变形者

Reliable Companion

Shapeshifter easily embodies anyone or anything - embodiment changes his or her form. Reliable and trustworthy are the major attributes of Shapeshifter as he or she gives others a sense of safety and stability. Like a mountain, one knows that it will always be there. It will not disappear the very next day. Shapeshifter is like an old friend who is always there and can be depended on. Shapeshifter does not reveal his or her thoughts and feelings easily, thus, others may see Shapeshifter a secretive class. However, do not be fooled by his or her facade, Shapeshifter can be chatty and fun with close friends. Shapeshifter values the feelings of others, sometimes, excessively sensitive to other's thoughts. Shapeshifter is a perfectionist at heart - willing to take time to master or perfect himself or herself. Shapeshifter can be wilful and stubborn. It will be hard to change once Shapeshifter makes up his or her mind. Similarly, once Shapeshifter decides to change, there is no way one can ask him or her not to.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Warlord

Warlord 督军

Innovative Leader

Like constantly moving and gushing water from the sea, Warlord is always on the move. He or she usually is not able to sit still. Warlord is ambitious, adventurous, dynamic, proactive and unstoppable like big huge sea waves. Warlord is intelligent with knowledge that might go as deep as the ocean. Beside a sociable networker, Warlord has diplomatic and tactical flair that makes him or her a great leader. Warlord is courageous in the face of adversity. He or she can always find a way around the problem or obstacle. He believes that there is no impossible mission and dares to take up the challenge. Warlord is highly adaptive to any situation, which is an unfair advantage over others. Warlord loves entrepreneurship, being creative and innovative in most of the things he or she does and thinks.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Warrior

Warrior 勇士

Courageous Go-getter

Warrior is a tough soul who can endure any amount of hardship - someone who embodies great endurance, perseverance, courage and determination. Warrior has a strong fighting spirit. He or she has a never-say-die attitude and the will to fight and win! Warrior loves to challenge, usually the first one to rise to the challenge and always able to get the job done by himself or herself, not afraid to dirty his or her own hands. Because of that, people might be mistaken that Warrior likes to do things solo, too rash and impulsive. You will usually see Warrior carrying a powerful sword or axe. Just like his or her sword or axe needs to be forged, Warrior thrives through hard work. Warrior is altruistic and loyal to their friends and they are ready to help them as Warrior places friends above all in life. Justice is a compass to govern a Warrior's life. Warrior will not tolerate any injustice or unjust behaviour and act.

Ten Inner Child Ability (Role) Characters

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Ally

Ally 盟友

Engaging Connector

Ally, as the name implied, is someone who likes to make friends. Ally likes to get people together and connect with them, thus, we can also have called Ally as a connector. Ally is someone who knows large numbers of people and who has the habit of making introductions. Ally has this special charm that can easily win people over. Ally gives and receives love and attention. Ally is always willing to lend a helping hand to others. Ally is positive, always has a smile on his or her face. Ally knows how to engage and put others at ease. Ally is optimistic, altruistic, compassionate, encouraging and persevering. Ally is also honourable, strong-willed and sometimes impulsive.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Ambassador

Ambassador 大使

Steadfast Supporter

Ambassador always think about other people and their circumstances. Ambassador is calm, firm and consistent in his or her work. Ambassador plans first before working on a project to make other team members know what they need to do without any last- minute rush. Ambassador is naturally inclined to be law- abiding, respecting the norms and conventions of society. Ambassador dislikes attention. He or she has a high level of integrity at work. Furthermore, Ambassador is humble, modest, accommodating and supportive of people and causes. Ambassador ensures others do well and will go all the way out to provide support and backing. Ambassador is good at leveraging existing systems and platforms. Ambassadors empower people to work for or with them, making them reputable.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Artiste

Artiste 艺术家

Born Entertainer

Artiste is a creative person who has a unique thinking that can conjure fresh  ideas,  flexible  perspective and a non-conformist mind-set. Bard loves to be in the limelight - at the center of the stage which he or she is likely to excel. Bard is a natural born performer. Bard likes to be admired and does things in order to be seen, heard and appreciated. Bard is ambitious and has the desire to excel and pursue his or her dream tirelessly. Bard is goal and results-oriented. He or she is hardworking and efficient. Bard usually feels he or she is better than everyone else and likes to exaggerate own abilities and achievements, loves to compete with others, thus, most of the time makes others feel that Bard is aggressive and arrogant.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Creator

Creator 创造者

Quirky Inventor

Creator is a natural-born intelligent thinker. Creator feels that education, knowledge and learning are essential parts of self-development and survival. Creator has a belief that everyone should read books and explore new discoveries. Creator is drawn to new ideas, concepts and theories. He or she is keen on all artistic pursuits. Creator is very creative and usually multi-talented. Creator feels art is his or her expression of life and it is not a separate entity from life. Inventor is spontaneous, optimistic and strategic. Creator aims to create something creative and memorable in his or her lifetime.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Founder

Founder 创始人

Visionary Trendsetter

Founder takes initiative to solve problems and has a "let's-do-it-and-do-it-fast" attitude. Founder is naturally optimistic - he or she feels everything is going to be alright and everything can be solved because he or she is powerful, multi-talented and resourceful. Founder is realistic and practical. Founder is all about action. He or she believes in an action-oriented approach of executing ideas and solving problems. Founder is very competitive and always strives to be a winner in everything that he or she does. Founder is able to recognize current and future opportunities in life and capitalises on them. Because of wanting to win and be the first to reach the finishing line, Founder tends to make people feel that he or she is forceful and lacks empathy. He or she dislikes weakness and being questioned.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Gladiator

Gladiator 武士

Fearless Challenger

Gladiator has a strong fighting spirit who fights till the end and gets to the finish line. In fact, Gladiator loves challenges. However, many people thought Gladiator loves to fight to win, instead Gladiator is more into creating systems and managing people for better results, creating order out of chaos and creating balance and harmony. Gladiator is courageous, adventurous and dependable. Gladiator is extremely loyal to his or her team especially those who are important to Gladiator in his or her life. Gladiator is not motivated by selfish purposes or self-interests. Gladiator has a strong sense of duty and responsibility towards others. Gladiator is authoritative, good at strategies and careful with his or her dealings with others. Gladiator may be impulsive at times, may be suspicious and not trust others easily.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Overseer

Overseer 管理者

Compliant Manager

Overseer is a principle-centered or rule-centered individual. He or she has a strong sense of right and wrong. Overseer is disciplined, responsible, accountable, tolerant, reliable and organised which are the key distinctive characteristics of Overseer. For Overseer, it is a must to achieve goals and has the discipline to accomplish it. Overseer loves structure and is good at operating the system. Overseer prefers hands-on. Overseer always looks out for problems and finds ways to solve them and improves existing things or ideas. Overseer knows that  hard  work  is  required to accomplish goals without taking any short-cuts. Overseer's ability to work hard makes him or her fit to manage a project from start to finish. Overseer is the one who walks the talk. Overseer believes in being and doing good. Overseer is rather reluctant to adapt, prefers routine and a perfectionist.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Researcher

Researcher 研究者

Curious Learner

Researcher is highly analytical in thinking with a methodical and pragmatic yet investigative mindset. Researcher is always curious to find out why and how - breaking things down into components for great depth. Researcher does well with data as he or she has the ability to study in great detail and create his or her own structures and systems for complex information, so that it is easily digestible and easy to understand. Researcher has meticulous thoughts and see a different perspective of things that many are not aware of, thus, Researcher will arrive at a unique solution. Researcher believes that knowledge is power. Researcher values information. Researcher has strong learning abilities. Researcher tends to do well in academic or artistic pursuit.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Ruler

Ruler 统治者

Charismatic Influencer

Ruler is usually outgoing and loves to network. Not just about communicating a message, Ruler has the ability to connect with people on an emotional level where he or she can influence and inspire them to do certain things and take actions. Ruler is good at networking. Ruler is charismatic and easily wins people over to his or her side. Ruler likes to work in a team and usually has a group of fans and followers. Ruler is an ambitious person who knows what he or she wants and has the will to go after it. Ruler is confident, proactive, resilient, robust and driven. Ruler does not wait for things to happen; Ruler makes things happen.

Level Up with Anm Character Symbols - Sage

Sage 圣者

Intuitive Philosopher

Sage prefers to be a minimalist, reducing things to a bare minimum and living a baggage-free life. Sage is an independent person who does not like external influences. Sage will try to eliminate as many wasteful wants and needs as possible to the basics. Sage's key characteristics are very intuitive and he or she often has a rich and imaginative mind. Sage is like a sponge - absorbing the information around him or her. Sage is interested in unconventional types of knowledge. Sage is able to transform raw information into useful ones. Sage is able to give good advice as he or she is wise and open- minded. Sage is street smart. Sage has a tendency to become eccentric and mysterious. Sometimes, Sage has too many thoughts that cause him or her to worry constantly.

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