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Anmedan & The Messenger, Chapter 10 (Final Chapter): The End is The Beginning

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Title of the Short Spiritual Fiction:

Anmedan & The Messenger:

The Little Girl Who Was Told Not to Forget Who She Was & Her Dream

Gifts - Anmedan Story

It might sound cliche but it was quite true…

The end is the beginning.

It started to make sense when I flipped through the pages of my journal book in which I penned what I had gone through - my past uncanny encounters.

I connected the dots.

What a compelling and fascinating life story! It was full of bizarre and captivating plots!

“Your storyline and the plots are what you need to experience to grow and be ready for your mission to level up the vibrations of humanity and elevate people to a higher level of consciousness.” A familiar little girl’s voice was speaking to me. It was my inner child - little Angeline.. little Anmedan.

She continued saying, “you have received many wonderful gifts from the past ordeal that will be of great help to you in your new journey ahead.”

I asked, “What are the gifts?”

She counted with her fingers and then said with a broad smile, “There are 6 gifts!”

She cleared her throat and said, “First, you uncovered your authentic self, true self.”

“Yes.” I responded as I flipped through my journal to check if I wrote it down.

“Second, you know who you are now.” she said.

“Yesss!” I nodded and replied.

“Third, you know why you exist - your mission.” she said.

“Ohh.. yes!” I replied.

“Fourth, you learned to let go of the past.” she said.

“Yes…” I reflected and replied.

“Fifth, you learned forgiveness.” she said.

“Yes… I did” I nodded and replied.

“Sixth, you unleash your psychic abilities, your intuition.” she said.

“Ahhh… yes.” I replied.

She looked at me with a big grin, waiting for me to respond.

When I was about to respond… She interrupted and said excitedly, “Oh! There are another 3 wonderful gifts!”

“Ohhh, what are the 3 wonderful gifts?” I asked.

“Seventh, faith.” she said.

“Faith…”, repeating what she said and at the same time, digesting the word.

“Eight, wisdom.” she said.

“Wisdom…” I repeated and digested.

“Ninth, valor.” she said.

“Valor…” I repeated and digested.

“There is one more wonderful gift!” She seemed to put the best to the last.

“Wow, another one?” I felt blessed to have so many gifts.

“Tenth, self-love! You started to open your heart and connect with me again.” she blushed and said. “Anmedan, you have received a total of 10 wonderful gifts!”

“Thank you, my little Anmedan. I will treasure the 10 wonderful gifts.” I spoke lovingly.

“She smiled lovingly at me and said, “Anmedan levelled up!”


I recalled my inner child yearning to do journaling after I completed my first novel. She told me to write down my story, what happened in my life and my thoughts. She said it would help me to let go of what was going on in my head and the writings could also heal and inspire others to connect with their inner child.

She would always cheer for me, “Tap, tap, tap into the power of journaling", so that I would continue journaling when times I felt like not doing so.

“Tap, tap, tap into the power of journaling!”

“Tap, tap, tap into the power of journaling!”

“Tap, tap, tap into the power of journaling!”


I closed a major and important chapter of my life by writing the 3 sentences in my journal book:

“End of my past life.
The end is the beginning.
My new life begins…”

< End of #Chapter10 of #Anmedan >

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