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Anmedan Chapter 9: The Little Girl's Name

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

An incoming email notification alerted me in the middle of the night...

Little Girl - Anmedan Story

An incoming email notification alerted me in the middle of the night while I was immersed in the story of a novel about Andromeda Galaxy titled Ultimate Quest to Messier 31.

I tapped on the notification on my phone and an email expanded full screen:


Hi Anmedan,

Congrats! You received an order.


NAME: Angeline

ADDRESS: 111 Punggol Street, Singapore 111222

CONTACT NUMBER: +65 98881123


Order generated from UniverseWorldBook

Woohoo! My first novel order!

Someone bought my novel.

I could not believe that someone bought my novel.

Angeline… hmmm

This name sounds familiar…

Very familiar…


“Can you give me an English name?”


“Why this name?”

“Hmm,” Jeremiel recalled, “I feel it’s nice.” The little girl’s elder brother vividly remembered he saw this name from one of his favorite fantasy books that he read some time ago. It was somehow strikingly spellbinding and attracted his attention and liking as it seems to belong to someone who was delicate and soft, but in the story, it was a stark contrast, it was the name of a strong female warlord-like character.

It’s nice… I think so too. Angeline… yes, that’s me!

She was delighted that she had another new name. A new name that she could identify herself with.


Intuitively, I “googled” the meaning of the name Angeline.

The google result appeared as follows…

“Meaning: Messenger of God. Angeline is a girl's name of Greek origin. It derives from the word angel and translates from Greek to 'messenger of God'. Angeline is a beautiful, classic alternative to its sister names Angela and Angelina.”

Angeline is my first English name that was given me.

< End of #Chapter9 of #Anmedan >

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