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Anmedan Chapter 7: The Crazy Downloads

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

“Heeya Anmmedannn, Itss mee againn!”

Flipping Book - Anmedan Story

“Heeya Anmmedannn, Itss mee againn!”

“Who’s there?!” I looked around and followed the sound to the kitchen. I peeped into my kitchen.

I saw the same old Javan Myna which flew into my kitchen the last time as if it was back to visit an old friend.

Oh my… Is it talking to me?!

No! No no! No no!… I can understand what it is saying to me!

“MMMikeel Jackkksonnn…”
Michael Jackson?!

“Hey buddy, what do you mean Michael Jackson?” I asked the Javan Myna

The Javan Myna turned its gaze from me to a direction.

I turned, following its gaze.

My eyes caught a pile of magazines. They are old magazines that I put at the far left corner of the kitchen cabinet top.

Intuitively, I picked the top magazine of the pile and flipped through the pages.

Something caught my eyes. “It’s Michael Jackson!” I gasped.

The Javan Myna fluttered away. It distracted my awe and astonishment. I watched it fly off to the sky and out of sight.

Focusing back to the page of the magazine which had an image of Michael Jackson printed on the top.

As I glanced over the text passages, some words popped up randomly.

“The Mayo brothers forgive their aunt’s mistakes. Nobody knew what their aunt’s mistakes were. Those who care are those that are not close to her."

The rest of the other blurry texts were scarcely legible, making the clear texts popping out like shouting for my attention.

"Hurt…. You

because…. They are

yoursoul …. Family

…. And…..


What the!?

Most texts are blurred and a few words are not.

Somehow they form a sentence.

Am I crazy? Am I having hallucinations?

I rubbed my eyes and looked at them.

It’s the same…

I rubbed harder this time and slowly opened my squeezed eyes. I tried to peep through the very narrow opening between my eyelids.


Same… The clear words seemed to dance slightly left and right like cha cha as if they were not clear and obvious enough to attract Anmedan’s denial attention.

There was a voice asking her to turn to the next page.

I did as told. I flipped and the same blurring text effects on most of the texts and what stands out from the passages are…

"…. you have

a …. Soul

contract…. with…. them.

thatTheyare going

to do….



so thatyou

Embarkon your

….life ….


My head was spinning and going to explode anytime! I just did not know how to accept and digest them. They were like an injection into my mind, my body and my soul.

Am I crazy?? I am crazy!!

“Anmedan, flip to the last page. We know you are as brave as a warrior.” I heard the same voice speaking to me again.

Again, I flipped as I was told.

A big header splashed across the last page, “Release the past.”

I was stunned for a few minutes.

Yes, it’s time to let go of the past.

My tears just streamed down uncontrollably.

Then, I noticed something…

Not sure why I would notice the last page number was 111.

Is there another meaning to 111 than just a page number? I wondered.

I feel quite different before writing my novel. Something about me… I have this special psychic ability…

< End of #Chapter7 of #Anmedan >

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