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Anmedan Chapter 2: Two Professors and A Giant Black Bird

Today is the day – the so-called "Judgement Day".

Today is the day – the so-called “Judgement Day”.

I would rather call it an "Improvement Day" instead. I wondered why and who came up with having a Judgement Day in school?

A notification of an incoming mobile message sounded while I was alighting the bus to head towards the Creative Talent Kids school. I tapped and read the message.

“Good morning dear, I see you later in school, yah?”

Oh, it is Leela. Didn’t know she’s attending too.

I replied, “Good morning, Leela. Yes, sure, see you later.”

“Hey Hey! Good morning, Anmedan! Are you prepared…? I’m prepared for the merciful Judgement Day.” Jenne chuckled at her own joke as she caught up from behind and fast-walked along to my side. "You know... every teacher has to attend. I heard it's mandatory!"

“Good morning, Jenne. Ah... No wonder, Leela is attending. Nope… Nothing for me to prepare.” I said with low energy due to not getting enough sleep.

“This is crazy, right? Who are they to judge us? A Professor from a top 5th worldwide ranking University, huh?” Jenne spoke boldly.

I could understand how she felt. Because I felt the same too.

Maybe everything will be okay. Maybe we think too much?


Professor Redd, wearing a red blouse and black pants, walked up to the center of the stage. Adjusted the mic before speaking.

“Good morning, teachers! It’s promising to see all of you here. This shows how committed you are to improve the results of our pupils - our children and also improve ourselves as their teachers. Today marked the first Judgement Day of the Creative Talent Kids School for the results and critiques on your research papers. We may choose one paper to implement into the school or maybe none at all - it all depends on the reviews and critiques from Professor Judgeman T. Dae….” Professor Redd spoke with high enthusiasm.

“Ya right, she never told us about this Judgement Day and Professor Judgeman Dae.” Jenne whispered to me.

She continued, “Did Prof Redd name the day after that Professor's name?” Jenne chuckled.

I nodded. “Yah, kind of creative, but I feel something’s not right.” I whispered back.

Professor Redd signaled to a man in his late fifties who sat at the back of the stage and said, “Let’s welcome Professor Judgeman T. Dae from JTD University which is at the Top 5th Worldwide Ranking.

Professor Judgeman stood up and walked slowly towards the mic.

“Thank you Professor Redd for having me critique all of your research papers.” He smiled at her but then his smile quickly disappeared when speaking to the teachers. “I have to be brutally honest with my critiques - this is the core purpose of Judgement Day.”

Professor Judgeman paused for a few minutes but it seemed like hours to us, at least to me.

“There is NO creativity at all in all of your research papers. Are you really teachers of Creative Talent Kids School?” Professor Judgeman said bitingly.

“Now, I know what Professor Redd wants us to prepare.” Jenne whispered to me.

“What?” I asked curiously.

“Shield of Protection…” Jenne’s words were cut off by Professor Judgeman.

“There is one research paper which has some kind of creativity and novelty. This paper is titled Perception of Children’s Awareness of their Innate Gifts, authored by Anmedan. But, the findings are exaggerated - it may have some intellectual integrity issues. Investigation is needed for accepting this paper.”

I was shocked and confused. What?! Exaggerated?

“Anmedan, what he said is totally ridiculous! You have to say something!”, the words blurted out of Jenne's mouth in an angry rush.

Time seemed to slow down - really slow down to almost a halt - a standstill.

The surroundings turned dark and blurred. Nevertheless, I still could hear the faint panicky voice of Jenne, “C’mon Anmedan, say something… You got to say something.. Now!... now...'' Then, her words faded away.

A black bird with a yellow beak flew and emerged into my sight from the darkness and landed a few inches in front of me. It turned its gel-hairstyle head to me and started to talk with its extremely liquid voice, “Speawk uwp, Anmewdan. Expressw wwhat youw wwant to sawy. Speawk the truwth!”

Speak up? Speak the truth?

This is ABSURD! The bird is TALKING to me! And… and… I can understand the language of this bird! Ah, it is a Javan myna. Is this the same bird that flew into the kitchen last night?

The Javan myna suddenly became a giant bird and swirled the darkness of the surroundings away with one of its massive wings around me.

I was mentally and physically back in time and place, but the giant black bird with the yellow beak was gone…

< End of #Chapter2 of #Anmedan >

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