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Anmedan Chapter 3: When Thunderbolt Struck Thrice

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

What had just happened?

What had just happened?

“I’m going to end my Judgement Day speech…” Professor Judgeman said.

“Wait, Prof! I have something to say!” My voice cracked aloud. I was surprised I uttered every word so clearly, loudly and firmly.

“The findings were exactly based on the children’s responses which is the context of my research paper. The title said it all - it was based on children’s perception. Are we listening to what they want to say? Are you telling me to mellow the exaggeration of their responses - I guess this then leads to intellectual integrity issues.” Somehow the words just blurted out like I have no control.

There was a 5-minute awkward dead silence.

“Errr… No… no… this is not what I want to say. It was Professor Redd who told me to say all these.” Professor Judgeman stammered.

His words hit us like a thunderbolt!

Most teachers are shocked.

Jenne was shocked.

I was shocked.

He continued, “Professor Redd is creative… she set today as Judgement Day…”

What!? I was flabbergasted.

Professor Redd moved swiftly forward and grasped the mic from Professor Judgeman. Cutting him off, “Well done, Anmedan, you amazingly countered Professor Judgeman’s critiques about your paper.”

I must have been shocked out of my mind.

As Professor Redd was speaking, I noticed something - what I saw hit me like a thunderbolt again! I saw something black was flying in slow motion in circles inches above Professor Redd’s head. It was the same Javan myna, the giant black bird with yellow peak which was now back to its original size. It turned and looked straight into my eyes and tilted its gel-hairstyle head like acknowledging me that I did a good job. Then, it flew off.

Professor Redd skilfully changed to another topic, “Who is keen to do research and be guided by Professor Judgeman Dae? It is a rare chance and opportunity! For those who are interested, do come forward so that Professor Judgeman can brief you.”

Almost three-quarters of the teachers enthusiastically walked to the two Professors.

The thunderbolt struck thrice on me! Are they being shocked out of their mind?

Jenne could not believe what she saw. “Wow, this is really an eye-opening and spectacular Judgement Day! We don’t even have a chance to share our paper and findings! It’s all that Professor’s Judgeman’s showtime.” Jenne exclaimed.

I reluctantly nodded in agreement, “That’s why it is called Judgement Day.”

“Hey Anmedan dear!” Leela shouted at a distance. She ran towards Anmedan.

Glad to see Leela coming to me instead of going towards the Professors.

Panting and catching her breaths. “I’m sorry, dear.” She said apologetically. “I cannot work with you on the teaching project anymore. I decided to do research with Professor Redd and Judgeman Dae. It is special research with them and the topic area is what I am really interested in. I cannot miss this opportunity. Hope you can understand, dear. I’m sorry that you may not be able to teach next semester if we do not do the teaching project.”

“It’s alright. Just go for what you are interested in. Don’t worry about me…” I replied with a flat tone, trying to hide my sadness.

“You are so nice and understandable, thanks dear!” Leela cheered and ran off and headed towards the Professors.


I was dismayed and disappointed by Leela, Professor Redd, Professor Judgeman Dae and most of the teachers, except Jenne who stood on the same side with me.

Jenne consoled me, “sorry to witness all these happened to you. Be strong, Anmedan.”

“Thank you Jenne. Don’t worry about me. I’m ok.”

We bid goodbye and separately headed back home.

I decided to call for a cab. As I walked to the taxi stand at the opposite shopping mall. I heard a strong and crystal-clear yet soothing male voice. “Hello Anmedan…”

Please don’t bother me. I just want some quiet moments.

“Hello Anmedan…”

“Hello Anmedan…”

“Hello Anmedan…” The voice was persistent.

< End of #Chapter3 of #Anmedan >

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