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Innate Immuners, Awareness to Awakening: Quest to Live in the New World (Paperback)


The one and only character gamification novel. Every readers are part of the bigger story and you affect how the story goes. You are one of the talents who have the power to alter the fate of our world and reality.


Meet Sixth Lin, ordinary, shy, self-doubts & unaware of her powers of intuitive insight & embodiment. Destined for greatness. Gather innate immuners to uncover human ancient secret & each of our true identity.


A fresh, young postdoctoral researcher Sixth Lin, specialized in biotechnology, has been lucky in her first career so far. She landed in her dream job at a university. At the same time, her masterpiece was chosen to receive prestigious award in the biggest gene tech conference ever to be held. The conference will be held in her homeland, Singapore, where all geneticists, virologists and biotech talents from all over the world will gather and exchange knowledge.


On the conference night, Sixth's masterpiece puzzlingly becomes associated with the rising chilling cases of mass disappearances. Naively, she thought mankind can handle any catastrophes with the evolution of highly-intelligence technologies. The future is more terrifying than she can imagine. She has no idea of the horrors that are awaiting her and her companions, in fact, all of us - mankind.

Innate Immuners Novel (Paperback)

SKU: 2022811135
  • Author: Anm Pek

    Title: Innate Immuners: Awareness to Awakening: Quest to Live in the New World

    ISBN: 978-981-18-1113-5

    Categories: Spiritual Fiction, Game Philosophy, Gamifcation

    Cover Art: Anm Pek, Monica Windy Kosasih

    Publisher: QuestLife (2021)

    Pages: 308+

    Copyright: Anm Pek (aka Pek Siok Ee)

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