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The Secret Code : Is It For Real?: Unleash The Power Within! Boost Up Your Levels To Get Ahead In The Game Of Life! First book written by Anm and published in 2015. 


that every day is mundane? That life is dull, routine and boring? Do you sometimes feel anxiety, stress, and depression as a result of pressure from work or study? When we were children, we loved to doodle with crayons, colour pencils, and hand paintings, and we played all sorts of games — from simple indoor games to outdoor sports. Eventually we grew up, and most of us stopped creating art and enjoying the fun of playing games with the excuse that we are too busy, or worse, that games shouldn’t be played by adults. The good news is that you can achieve great results in your studies, work performance, and in the achievement of your goals, and at the same time, have lots of fun! It is only a question of how . . .

Anm Pek, the author of The Secret Code : Is It For Real?, asked how and found the answer, and along the way discovered everyone else carries the answer within them as well. In her book, she explores these concepts, and blends and formulates art and gaming strategies to guide and motivate people to level-up their studies, career, and overall life in creative and fun ways.

" Life is like a game and work of art." - Anm pek




You are Greater than You Think

There is a secret code for having everything you’ve ever wanted — a code that only a selected few know about and use. Believing in this secret code will lead you to many other secret codes. The first secret code is that you HAVE an enormous and amazing power within yourself that can bring about miraculous outcomes. The second secret code that is you has an unlimited supply of mighty resources! Yes, you ALREADY HAVE the resources to achieve your goals and win the Game of Life. The third secret code is that you can easily access and effortlessly tap into these powers and resources, and have fun during the process!

For the first time, thirty-two secret codes are unveiled in this Game of Life Guidebook to call out your well-kept power. It’s time to show off your great capability and unimagined potential, hero! Reveal your TRUE self! Grasp this book firmly and close to you, as it stows the secret codes that empowers you to have a right mind-set. Gear up in the right armour and weapons, and form the right alliance. Master them, and soon you will be ready to enter a whole new real-life game realm. Boost up your levels of expertise, and win your life your way!

The Secret Code: Is It For Real? (Paperback)

SKU: 2022041859
  • Author: Anm Pek

    Title: The Secret Code: Is It For Real?: Unleash The Power Within! Boost Up Your Levels To Get Ahead In The Game of Life!

    ISBN: 978-1-77204-185-9

    Categories: Game Philosophy, Gamifcation, Self-Empowerment, Self-Help

    Cover Art: Zulqarnain Zulkiflee

    Publisher: Black Card Books

    Pages: 168

    Copyright: Anm Pek (aka Pek Siok Ee)

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